Return and Exchange Terms


Section 1. customers can request a full refund by using their right of withdrawal, by returning the products they bought from the site within fourteen (14) days from the invoice date.


In order for a full refund to be requested, the products must be returned under the following conditions;

  • Not damaged
  • In original box and packing
  • All documents are complete (original invoice, shipping label, etc.)
  • Full package contents such as accessories, user manual, etc.
  • Accompanied with a note explaining the reason for the return

Section 2.


Pay attention to the following issues;


Customer's responsibilities:


– Writing the correct and full address for safe delivery of the product to, (cargoes that are given only address information without writing the company name on the label may be lost by the cargo company or delivered to the wrong person/institution)

– Safe and sound packaging of the product and providing the insurance of the product at the time of shipment over the entire sale price. cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged packages and products.

In addition, cannot be held responsible for shipping fees for returned products. The shipping cost of the returned products is covered by the buyer.


Section 3.


Returns will be processed by as quickly as possible. Allow 7-10 business days after the product reaches for your refund to be processed. Upon arrival and inspection of the product, will contact you by phone and/or e-mail to inform you that the product has been delivered. As a result of the inspection, we will inform you if there are any problems or questions regarding the status of the returned product.


Section 4.


Products that do not comply with the Return and Exchange Terms (see Section 1) will not be accepted and will be sent back to the buyer's address. In order not to damage the seller's original, labeled package, the buyer must ship the returned product by placing it in a different box. Please do not write or label on the seller's original package. This requirement does not need to be applied if the items were not shipped in the outer box, as may be the case in bulk order situations.

However, in this case, do not write or mark anything other than a return shipping label on the original package either.

Items returned after 14 days will not be accepted unless the administration has not given prior approval. will do its best to ensure that its customers are not experiencing unjust treatment, especially in special cases such as gifts. However, it reserves the right not to accept returns for periods exceeding fourteen (14) days.


Section 5.


In the event of unusually defective product shipping from, please contact us by phone or email. We will initiate the necessary procedures to collect the product from your address and we will send the correct products to your address as soon as the incorrectly sent product reaches us. In cases where is faulty, the customer will not pay any shipping charges.


Section 6.


If you have received a product that you believe is defective, please contact immediately by providing evidence of the error (photos, videos, etc.). We will initiate the necessary procedures for the return of the products as soon as possible. As soon as the product is determined to be defective after reaching us, the equivalent product will be sent to you.

If the product was shipped for a refund, the standard return policy (Section 1) will apply.


Section 7.


Whatever the reason for the return, the customer is always obliged to inform before the product is shipped for return.


Section 8.


The customer can send the products whose warranty period is still in progress to the technical service. (Warranty periods vary according to products.)



Products in the warranty period can only be repaired or replaced with a new one, no refunds can be made. Shipping costs of the product sent under warranty are covered by the customer. The shipping costs of the repaired/refurbished product belong to


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