Retro 4.3
Retro 4.3

Retro 4.3'' Video Intercom (Handsfree) Black

Brand : Visio
Discount Rate : %15 Discount
Price : $61.80  + VAT
Discounted : $52.53  + VAT
Vat included : $61.98
Stock Amount : 500

* Product assembly fee is not included in our prices.

• 4.3" LCD screen

• Assembly through Sockets (The unit can be disassembled and mounted without screws)

• Image and sound privacy

• Ability to select 10 different melodies from different communication points (front doorbell, outer doorbell, janitor bell, and security)

• Multi-camera selection

• Anti-blocked system (automatic shutdown when Flat Unit is forgotten open, the system does not keep itself busy)

• Communication with janitor and security staff

• Either push-to-talk or hands-free (automatic speaking) options can be preferred.

• Alarm system integrated (optional)

• Communication between flats (optional)

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