Venüs Dijital Tuşlu Şifre Geçişli
Venüs Dijital Tuşlu Şifre Geçişli

Venus Digital with Keypad and Passcode Pass

Brand : Visio
Discount Rate : %15 Discount
Price : $257.89  + VAT
Discounted : $219.20  + VAT
Vat included : $258.66
Stock Amount : 500

* Product assembly fee is not included in our prices.

• Ability to connect to 750 residents from a single panel

• Automatic door opening with a password

• LCD screen showing resident's name and unit number

• Illuminated keypad

• Access with card

• Cameras that can be adjusted at an angle of 32° in all directions from their central location

• Led lighting that improves image quality at night

• Menu direction keys

• Motion sensor with photocell

• Screwless locking system

• Bell switch connected directly to the janitor

• Easy connection with connector

• Surface and flush mounting possibilities

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